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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Find out how to live sustainably and tackle climate change in Lancaster district.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources and his/her own resources. Sustainable living is essentially the application of sustainability to lifestyle choice and decisions

Affordable Warmth

Affordable Warmth is the ability to heat your home to an adequate level for household comfort and health, without developing a debt as a result. There are a number of initiatives currently available which can help you reduce the impact of rising fuel costs. Further information is also available on the following:

Taking action

To live sustainably we must protect and enhance our environment because a damaged environment will sooner or later hold back economic development and affect everyone’s quality of life.

Do you or your community group have a great idea for an environmental project or community improvement? Find out what funding is available for your inventive plans.

Local initiatives

We can all take action, big or small, to live more sustainably. There are lots of things going on around Lancaster district to encourage sustainable activity, combating both climate change and peak oil. To find out more or to get involved, please follow the links below:

Transition City

The Transition Initiative is a community response to climate change and the shortage of fossil fuels; you can join the Lancaster group Transition City Lancaster or the Morecambe group at Transition Morecambe or set up a Transition Initiative in your area.


Lancaster district is a Fairtrade District; you too can support economic and social growth around the world by buying Fairtrade.

Cycling Demonstration Town Initiative

Celebrate Cycling with the CDT and find out how and where to cycle locally. You could even help Lancaster and Morecambe become the cycling capital of the North West.

Lancaster Cohousing

Lancaster Cohousing plan to build an ecological cohousing community at Halton Gorge near Lancaster with private homes, community facilities, workshop/office space and shared outdoor space. The project will be a cutting edge example of sustainable design and living and will have close links to the Halton and Lancaster communities.

If you have any queries, please contact us through the online query form.

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