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Commercial waste and recycling

We provide a commercial waste and recycling collection service within the district. Commercial waste is subject to specific disposal requirements for which a charge applies.

Top Tasks

Our commercial waste collection service offers:

  • A six day collection where viable
  • A full range of Eurobin containers at very competitive rates
  • Evening collection services in Lancaster city centre only
  • Flexible billing arrangements
  • Friendly, efficient staff who deal with all aspects of trade refuse

Purchasing trade waste and recycling sacks and labels

Trade sacks and labels are available in multiples of 50 for smaller businesses or those with limited space.  They can be purchased at:

  • Visitor Information Centres at Lancaster and Morecambe (cash, cheque or credit/debit card)
  • Environmental Services Depot at White Lund (cheque or credit/debit card)
  • Customer Service Centres at Lancaster and Morecambe town halls (cheque or credit/debit card)

Alternatively you can place an order for delivery by calling 01524 582415 or 582416. A delivery charge applies for orders of 50 of either type. For orders of more than 50 delivery is free.

Our trade waste recycling service

We offer a comprehensive, reliable recycling collection service within the district.

Mixed recyclables: This includes cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic film and bags, bubble wrap, waste paper, newspaper, magazines, books with covers removed, tins and cans. Collection is available  in most locations.

All cardboard must be free of contaminants and plastic bottles, tins and cans should be rinsed and emptied.

A full range of Eurobin containers can be offered from 360 litres to 1280 litres.  Items placed in the containers should not be bagged, except for shredded paper.

For smaller businesses and those with less space, recycling labels can be used for cardboard, and clear recycling sacks for mixed recyclables. It is important that the sacks are always tied and no heavier than 9KG.

Recycling labels can also be used for plastic film/bags/bubble wrap, which should be squashed and bundled. These should be a manageable size for one person to carry.

If using labels for cardboard, they should be attached to a cardboard box with flat packed cardboard inside. They should be no heavier than 9kg. Cages that are owned by business (not provided by the council) should be flat packed with cardboard.  

Glass bottles and jars: Glass bottles and jars can be collected from Eurobin containers only, we cannot collect glass in sacks. Please ensure they are emptied and  rinsed and that any lids or straws are removed. Collection is available in most locations.

Eurobin features and benefits

A Eurobin container means that rubbish does not need to be left on the floor. This creates a better impression for your customers and allows you to fulfil your duty of care obligations.

Most containers have a close fitting hinged lid that can be securely locked to keep smells in and vermin out.

  • Eurobin containers - specifications (PDF 524K)
  • Containers are easy to manoeuvre and load by hand, with a low loading height
  • Containers are fitted with a drainage plug for ease of cleaning

Contact us

For more information on the services we provide, or for a free, no obligation Eurobin quotation, please contact us on 01524 582415 or 582416, or email ccs@lancaster.gov.uk

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